Infrared Thermometers
   Moisture Meters
   Thermal Imaging
   Thyristor Regulators
   System Equipments
   Differentail Pressure    Transmitter
   Pressure Transmitter
   Absolute Pressure Transmitter
   Level Transmitter
   Remote Type Pressure    Transmitter
   Remote Type Differentail
   4-wire signal conditioners
   Limits Alarms
   2-wire signal conditioners
   Rack-mounted signal
   Power Transducers
   Gateway, Remote I/O
   PC Recorders
   Paperless Recording System
   Lighting Surge Protectors
   Auxiliary Components
   HMI/SCADA Package
   Multi Loop Controllers
   Data Acquistion Modules
"TEMFLO" a name synonymous with Process Control Instrument have established themselves as a Quality Leader since its inception in 2001 based at Sahibabad Industrial Area , just bordering Delhi .

Since its inception , TEMFLO is there when you wanted us most . We have successfully executed prestigious orders by supplying Sophisticated Electronic Instruments manufactured through indigenous components. Indigenization of the instruments of our product range have been in hand with our commitment to the manufacture of safe, reliable and quality instrument. Our thrust today is in the field of Automation , process control , education & training . We have supply & installation experience of most sophisticated PLC & Foundation Fieldbus compliant Systems .We specialize in software based automation system which require lot of customization & flexibility . We thrive on integration systems & have experience of executing integration projects with multiple manufacturer’s product.

In addition we have a complete range of product for educational institutes to help teaching professional’s & students understand process knowledge & latest technology ....
Educational Institute
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